To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Titles

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The chapters in To Kill a Mockingbird are simply numbered.  There are no titles.  However, for quick reference, I have my own "titles" that I use so I can find things quickly when I need to.  It may not be what you want, but I hope it helps.

1=Background on Maycomb and the characters

2=Scout vs. Miss Caroline (first day of school)

3=Walter for lunch and meet Burris Ewell

4=gifts in the tree and rolling up on Radley's porch

5=meeting Miss Maudie and Atticus wants them to leave Boo alone

6=The shotgun porch scene

7=Jem's fixed pants and more gifts/cement in the tree

8=the first snow and a big fire

9=Finch family Christmas and mentioning the trial

10=Mockingbird chapter and Atticus as a Hero

11=True courage and Mrs. Dubose

12=Jem grows apart from Scout/church with Calpurnia

13=Aunt Alexandra comes to stay

14=a fight with Jem and Dill's surprise

15=The mob scene at the jailhouse

16=Dolphus Raymond and beginning of the trial

17=Heck Tate and Bob Ewell on the stand

18=Mayella on the stand

19=Tom on the stand

20=more about Dolphus Raymond and why he lives like he does

21=the verdict

22=a "baby step" in the right direction

23=Atticus vs Alexandra on the Cunninghams

24=the missionary circle and Tom is shot

25=Reaction to Tom's death

26=reflection on Boo and Miss Gates is a hypocrite

27=the pageant and Bob's trouble in town

28=the attack on the kids and the rescue

29=meet Arthur Radley

30=discussion on what really happened under the tree with Heck/Atticus

31=last discussion of the mockingbird symbols