To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Titles

What are the names of each chapter in the book?

No need a long summary, just the 'title'

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The chapters in To Kill a Mockingbird are simply numbered.  There are no titles.  However, for quick reference, I have my own "titles" that I use so I can find things quickly when I need to.  It may not be what you want, but I hope it helps.

1=Background on Maycomb and the characters

2=Scout vs. Miss Caroline (first day of school)

3=Walter for lunch and meet Burris Ewell

4=gifts in the tree and rolling up on Radley's porch

5=meeting Miss Maudie and Atticus wants them to leave Boo alone

6=The shotgun porch scene

7=Jem's fixed pants and more gifts/cement in the tree

8=the first snow and a big fire

9=Finch family Christmas and mentioning the trial

10=Mockingbird chapter and Atticus as a Hero

11=True courage and Mrs. Dubose

12=Jem grows apart from Scout/church with Calpurnia

13=Aunt Alexandra comes to stay

14=a fight with Jem and Dill's surprise

15=The mob scene at the jailhouse

16=Dolphus Raymond and beginning of the trial

17=Heck Tate and Bob Ewell on the stand

18=Mayella on the stand

19=Tom on the stand

20=more about Dolphus Raymond and why he lives like he does

21=the verdict

22=a "baby step" in the right direction

23=Atticus vs Alexandra on the Cunninghams

24=the missionary circle and Tom is shot

25=Reaction to Tom's death

26=reflection on Boo and Miss Gates is a hypocrite

27=the pageant and Bob's trouble in town

28=the attack on the kids and the rescue

29=meet Arthur Radley

30=discussion on what really happened under the tree with Heck/Atticus

31=last discussion of the mockingbird symbols

tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Harper Lee did not name each of the chapters in her book To Kill a Mockingbird; however, it would be interesting to know what she would have named them. Chapter headings usually give some clue into the purpose or theme found therein, so one would have to read them first in order to know how to name them appropriately. The following are a few possibilities:

1. The Finches and the Radleys

2. Scout's First Day of School

3. Considering a Different Point of View

4. The Secret Knothole

5. The Radley Game

6. "Where're Your Pants, Son?"

7. More Gifts from the Knothole

8. Winter Snow and Fire

9. Defending One's Honor

10. Atticus to the Rescue

11. Mrs. Dubose: The Bravest Lady Atticus Ever Knew

12. Be a Girl!

13. Aunt Alexandra Comes to Stay

14. Dealing with Aunt Alexandra and Runaway Dill

15. Scout to the Rescue

16. Maycomb County Appears for the Trial

17. The Trial Begins

18. Mayella Ewell's Testimony

19. Tom Robinson's Testimony

20. Closing Arguments

21. The Verdict

22. Jem's Turn to Cry

23. Bob Ewell, Old Family, and Boo Radley

24. Tea Party Revelations

25. The Dust Settles: Maycomb's Response

26. A Lesson about Democracy and Nazis.

27. Halloween in Maycomb: Mysterious Rumblings

28. The Halloween Pageant and an Unlikely Hero to the Rescue

29. The Aftermath of the Attack

30. Meet Mr. Arthur

31. The Gray Ghost

gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1: Where It All Begins
2: A Rough First Day
3: Lunchpails & Cooties
4: The Giving Tree
5: Conversations With Miss Maudie
6: The Radley Raid
7: The Mysterious Hemmed Jeans & Knothole Presents
8: Fire & Ice
9: Unhappy Holidays
10: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
11: Courage & Camellias
12: Visit To First Purchase African M.E.
13: Life With Aunt Alexandra
14: Stepping On Human Snakes
15: Close Calls With Old Sarum
16: Maycomb Gathers
17: The Good & The Bad
18: Mayella's Red Geraniums
19: Truth
20: Atticus's Final Arguments
21: The Verdict & Loss of Innocence
22: Maudie Makes The Best Cakes
23: Atticus Elaborates
24: The Missionary Circle of Holy Hypocrites
25: Maycomb's Racist Reaction To Tom's Death
26: Maturation & Current Events
27: Ewell's At It Again
28: Scout & Jem's Longest Journey Ever
29: Hey, Boo
30: It's Like Shooting A Mockingbird
31: Boo's Porch & The Grey Ghost

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