What are the names of all the characters in "The Alchemist"?

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Only three characters in The Alchemist are given names.   The boy's name is Santiago.  The old man's name is Melchizedek, and he is the King of Salem.  Santiago's love interest is Fatima, the woman of the desert.

The remaining characters are not given specific names: the gypsy woman, the crystal merchant, the candy seller, the Englishman, the alchemist.   Although not named, each character plays an important role in Santaigo's progress.  In not giving them names, the focus remains on the protagonist and his quest to fulfill his Personal Legend.  Also, by not naming them, they fill the role of Universal Jungian archetypes such as the teacher, the mentor, the father figure, etc. that Santiago would meet along a journey toward fulfillment.


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