What are the names of the 12 movies

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In The Book of Illusions, David Zimmer watches the twelve silent comedies of Hector Mann, an actor he had not known until a short clip from one of Mann's films made him laugh for the first time since Zimmer's wife and two children were killed in a tragic plane crash. Those twelve films were Mr. Nobody, Jumping Jacks, Double or Nothing, Scandal, The Snoop, The Teller's Tale, The Jockey Club, Country Weekend, Tango Tangle, Hearth and Home, Cowpokes, and The Prop Man.  Since Mann's abrupt disappearance the films had been scattered around six different cities in the U.S. and Europe. The Jockey Club and The Snoop were in Rochester, Scandal and Country Weekend were in New York, The Teller's Tale and Double or Nothing were in Washington D.C., Tango Tangle and Hearth and Home were in Berkeley, CA, Cowpokes and Mr. Nobody were in London, and the final two films, Jumping Jacks and The Prop Man, were in Paris.

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