The Jilting of Granny Weatherall by Katherine Anne Porter

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What does the name Weatherall have to do with Granny's nature (or her life story)? What other traits or qualities do you find in her?

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Ellen Weatherall has truly weathered all the troubles life has thrown at her. The verb, to weather , describes the action of enduring and coming safely through some hardship or trouble. She talks about surviving "milk leg and double pneumonia" decades prior when the doctor comes to see her. She also felt death approaching when she turned sixty, so she made "farewell trips" to her kids’ and grandkids’ homes before the onset of a "long fever." She survived that too. Now, on her deathbed at eighty years-old, she recalls how young her husband, John, was when he died. She’d had to fence "in a hundred acres once, digging the post holes herself and clamping the wires with just a Negro boy to help." Granny Weatherall has been changed, certainly, by her experiences—some of them tragic—but she has weathered all the hardships and trying times. She sat "up nights with sick horses and sick Negroes and sick children" and "hardly ever lost one of them." She has been so strong, has had such...

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