What does the name Weatherall have to do with Granny's nature (or her life story)? What other traits or qualities do you find in her?

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The name "Weatherall" implies exactly what it seems to imply. Granny seems to have, over the course of her life, "weathered all" of life's hardships and disappointments. She recalls various diseases that she has suffered through, as well as the work that she has had to complete since her husband died so young. Similar to Eudora Wetly's Phoenix Jackson, Granny Weatherall seems to fall within an archetype of elderly women whose tenacity and grit seem almost supernatural. She can take on any hardship life throws at her and take it in stride; however, the reason for this is that she has suffered a hardship and humiliation to which nothing else can compare, and everything else that she suffers seems trivial in the eternal wake of it.

When Weatherall was to be married to her first fiancé, George, he left her at the alter, "jilting" her. This destroyed Granny at a very early age and, even if she never talks about it, is an event that consumes her every thought and action. This is the one event...

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