What is the name of the tiger in "The Tiger in the Tunnel"?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The tiger in the story has no name. However, the villagers referred to it as a man-eater and narrated stories of how it often visited the tunnel through which the train passed. It was in this very tunnel that Baldeo worked as a night guard and his key responsibilities were to ensure the signal lamp was kept on throughout and tunnel clear of any obstruction for the smooth passage of the train. Although he had heard tales about the famous man-eater, he doubted their truth for in his one month stay at the work station, he had not once encountered the tiger. Besides, armed with his axe, Baldeo was confident of his skills to wade of danger posed by wild animals. However, on one fateful night when accompanied by his son Tembu to work, Baldeo came face to face with the tiger. Even though he managed to injure the tiger considerably, the tiger killed him but it was also run over by the train to everyone’s delight.