In To Kill a Mockingbird what is the name of Scout's teacher?

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Scout's first grade teacher is named Miss Caroline Fisher. Scout has a conflict with her on the first day of school. Miss Fisher is upset that Scout already knows how to read. She also thinks Scout is a smart aleck. Scout tries to explain to her the values of Maycomb, particularly that people may be poor, but they are proud, and would rather be hungry than accept a handout. For all of her pains, Scout endures Miss Fisher hitting her hand with a ruler for being uppity.

Not only does Miss Fisher's status as an outsider reveal how easily Maycomb can be misunderstood, she acts a foil to the wiser Atticus. As Scout tells Atticus about what happened in the classroom, she learns a life lesson from him: it is important to get along with people. You don't always have to say everything you think. You can conform and yet go about your business, such as reading at home, without having to talk about it or upset other people with it. 

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Scout's excitement over her impending first day of school was shattered by the standoffish and pompous behavior of her first grade teacher, Miss Caroline. A first-year teacher and newcomer to Maycomb, Miss Caroline was in dire need of a few lessons concerning the people and ways of the town. On her first day, she insulted Scout's learning and Atticus' teaching skills; she paddled Scout's hands; she embarrassed Walter Cunningham Jr.; and she nearly provoked Burris Ewell into attacking her. Scout later managed to feel a bit of pity for Miss Caroline when she saw her weeping into her hands, for "she was a pretty little thing."

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This question can be answered through a close reading of chapter two.  In the first part of that chapter, we learn that Scout's teacher's name is Miss Caroline Fisher.  She is a very young and rather naive teacher, especially when it comes to the inner workings of Maycomb's social networks.  Scout tries to inform her of the in's and out's of Maycomb and the different families, but just ends up getting in trouble.  The first day, Scout spends most of the time in the corner on a time-out, after a slap on the hand with a ruler.  Miss Caroline will have to learn quite a bit in order to more effectively rule her little class, and the first day is quite an eye-opening experience for her.  I hope that helped; good luck!

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