What is the name of the path Christian must travel in chapter 9?

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When Christian overcomes the Valley of Humiliation in Chapter 9, he is confronted with the Valley of the Shadow of Death, which he must travel through to meet God. The valley is described as dark and full of monsters, but Christian nevertheless walks through the valley because he knows it is God's will. As Christian travels the valley, he is attacked by fire, monsters, wind, temptations, and otherworldly screams, but Christian protects himself through prayer. When Christian falters against the demonic torment he faces, he hears a voice he describes as the Lord reassuring him that he is not alone and is protected by God's love. When he finally reaches the end of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, he sneaks past the giants Pope and Pagan, who kill any surviving travelers of the valley, and sings hymns to Jesus Christ in gratitude for being spared.

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