What is the name of the mass rally held each day? I watched that movie and it I couldn't tell. I saw the INGSOC on the banners nect to the tellescreen.

Expert Answers
blacksheepunite eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The two minutes hate is a like a dark pep-rally. It is meant to appropriate all of the negative and positive emotions of the party members and channel that emotion in an appropriate direction (appropriate for the party, that is). By introducing Goldstein's ideas during the two minute hate, the party succeeds in discrediting them without ever having to construct a logical argument against them. This is the ultimate weapon of the party: systematically controlled and carefully exploited emotion. Mindless, emotionally charged masses can be directed and controlled at will.

lmillerm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The mass rally held each day is called "The Two Minute(s) Hate." During the rally, the Party members watch a film featuring their enemies; then, they discuss their undying hatred for them and the idea of democracy.

revolution | Student

The name of the mass rally held each day is "The Two Minutes Hate", which is an assembly which Party speakers whip the population in the country into a frenzy of disgust and condemnation for Oceania's bitter rivals. They watched a documentary featuring their enemies (or betrayers) and after that they were discussed views about their foes, about their intense distaste for them, especially Goldstein.