What is the name of the man that gave Old Yeller to Travis in the book Old Yeller?He was the first owner of the dog.

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The man who was the original owner of Old Yeller is Burn Sanderson. Mr. Sanderson is

"a young man who (rides) a good horse and (is) mighty nice and polite."

Mr. Sanderson introduces himself as a newcomer to Salt Licks, having come up from San Antonio with a herd of cattle. He had brought a couple of dogs with him to help with the cattle, and one of them, "a big yeller dog," had disappeared. A neighbor, Bud Searcy, had told Mr. Sanderson that the Coates' had found a dog matching that description, and so Mr. Sanderson had come to get him.

Old Yeller is indeed Mr. Sanderson's dog, and the cowboy is about to lead him away on a rope when Little Arliss, seeing that "his" dog is about to be taken, throws a fit. A scene of chaos erupts, with Mr. Sanderson's horse getting spooked, Yeller running after him baying at the top of his lungs, and Mama chasing after Little Arliss, who is furiously throwing rocks at the interloper. When order is restored, Mr. Sanderson, a good-natured man who understands the situation, offers to let Little Arliss keep Old Yeller if he can convince Mama to cook a good, hearty meal for him (Chapter 8).