what is the name of the main character?

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The son of a Nazi commander, Bruno, is the main character of The Boy with the Striped Pajamas; he has just moved to a new home which he calls "Out-With."  Although Bruno has been warned that there are certain places that he has no business exploring, the boy's adventuresome spirit leads him to break the household rules.  He meets another boy, named Shmuel, that lives on the other side of a fence.  Shmuel, a young Jewish boy, is a prisoner of Auschwitz, but Bruno has little understanding of the purpose of the concentration camp.  Bruno's budding friendship with Shmuel becomes one of the central themes of the novel.

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The main character is bruno. The nine years old lonely boy who moves from Berlin to out-with. he doesnt has any one to play with so he went to the fence and had a friend Shmuel. 

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the main characters name is Bruno. He is a nine year old boy. the other main character who you are introduced to later is shumel. A nine year old boy in the concentration camp. these two boys meet when bruno's father a very high ranking Nazi officer, is assigned to the concentration camp to run it.

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