What is the name given to a person who can't read and write?

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I believe the word you are searching for is illiterate.  The word is from the Middle English and is found in Latin as illiterates.  The word illiterate can be traced back to the 15th century and means having little or no education.  According to the dictionary it means: “unable to read or write.”  Some of the synonyms for illiterate are illiterately and illiterateness.  The condition of being illiterate causes poverty and lack of self-esteem.  At one time in our country most people were illiterate, but in the 21st Century there is no excuse for anyone to be illiterate.  It is a moral responsibility from one human being to another to make sure that people learn to at least read and write.


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Do you mean illerate? it means person not having knowledge to learn, write.

Dyslexia- is developmental reading disorder.

Its a disease which makes children afarid of reading in front of crowd.


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A person who is unable to read or write was usually considered to be illerate.  However, it is more politically correct to state that the person is a person with disabilities in reading and writing instead of labeling the person with a name.  Since there are different reasons as to why a person might not be able to read or write, a true diagnosis would require testing.

The Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary defines Illiterate as  "1 : having little or no education; especially :unable to read or write."   The following definition is one which led to people who could not read or write as being referred to as Illiterates.