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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although the first name of Kevin’s dad is actually unimportant in the story, the reader can definitely mention a few important things about this pivotal character. First, we can safely assume that Kevin’s dad is named “Mr. Avery.” We can generally assume this because Kevin’s mom is referred to as “Gwen Avery” and Kevin is referred to as “Kevin Avery.” Further, we are also told by Loretta Lee that Kevin’s dad was a “magician.” We learn quickly that this was not a job description. Instead, it is a description of Mr. Avery’s questionable character. “He must be a magician, because as soon as he heard the magic words 'birth defect,' he disappeared.” Mr. Avery is not a strong enough character to be able to handle a son with a birth defect, so he escapes the entire situation by running away and never returning. This is why Kevin’s dad remains unnamed in the book. It is also important to note that Max can be seen as a strong character in opposition to Mr. Avery. Max does not run away. Instead, Max befriends Kevin and eventually wishes to immortalize him.