Illustration of Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan

The Miracle Worker

by William Gibson
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In The Miracle Worker, what is the name of the estate in Alabama?  

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The Keller home in Tuscumbia, Alabama, is known as Ivy Green. Miss Keller's estate is the frequent site of tourists because there is something spiritually uplifting about touching the well pump that wrought the enlightenment of young Helen's mind.

William Gibson's play is set on this estate of Ivy Green where Helen is for a time taken to another location on the Keller property; namely, the "Garden House." There Helen is isolated with Anne Sullivan after a long ride so that she will believe that she has traveled away from her home.  With no one to defend her bad behavior, Helen is forced to learn sign language from Anne, but it becomes little but finger games to her. For, it is not until she is as the well-pump at Ivy Green that Helen experiences her epiphany as she connect the sign language to its real-world meaning.

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