What name do Melanie and April give to Elizabeth in the game?

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Elizabeth Chung is the new girl in town. Though incredibly shy and somewhat lacking in self-confidence, it isn't very long before she's hanging out with April, Melanie and the other kids playing the Egypt Game.

One morning, Elizabeth arranges to meet with April and Melanie on the front steps of the Casa Rosada. When April and Melanie are crossing the lobby, they see Elizabeth through the glass of the front door. She's sitting on a railing looking off up Orchard Avenue so her profile is towards April and Melanie.

The girls agree that Elizabeth looks for all the world like Nefertiti, a famous queen in ancient Egypt. With her hair pulled back from her face and neck in a neat ponytail, and with her delicate, slender-necked profile, Elizabeth looks just like a statue of Nefertiti. Of course, there are a couple of noticeable differences. Elizabeth's nose is just a little bit shorter and her chin a little rounder. But there's enough of a resemblance there all the same. So April and Melanie decide that, from now on, Elizabeth's name in the Egypt Game will be Neferbeth, a name that they've come up with themselves, and which is an amalgam of Elizabeth and Nefertiti.

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