What is the name of the deity in Brave New World?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The name of the deity is Ford, named after Henry Ford, the father of modern industrialism.

A deity is a god.  Instead of saying God, they say Ford.  Time is measured in A.F. years (After Ford).  Henry Ford, inventor of the Model T and the assembly line, is often consider the father of modern industrialism and therefore it makes sense that the society of the future would worship him.  You can tell that Ford is the deity from the phrases such as “our Ford” and “Oh, Ford” in swearing.  It is also used as a title, as in “his fordship.”

"You all remember," said the Controller, in his strong deep voice, "you all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford's: History is bunk. History," he repeated slowly, "is bunk." (Ch. 3)

In this society, materialism is everything.  Games are design to be complicated.  Relationships are simple.  Everything is about pleasure and consumption, and knowing your place.  A tightly ordered society based on carefully ordered predetermined genetic destiny means that society operates like Ford’s assembly line.  Things are simple, because there are no surprises.

Huxley’s message is clear.  While we as a society grow to worship modernization and efficiency above all else, we do so at the expense of personalization.  If we care more about consuming, we begin to lose touch with our humanity. 

By using a real person that readers would know and recognize, Huxley was making sure that readers would get his point about the dangers of creating an assembly line out of people and turning human beings into robots.  When we lose our religion, and turn consuming into our religion, we begin to lose touch with the things that make us human in the first place.  We care more about pleasure and feeling good, and less about doing good and being good.

mohsinjojoma | Student

1. A negative utopia is basically like a perfect society, but it is very self-destructive to it's inhabitants and the people in charge control the masses, the masses live under the illusion of peace. 

2. Just like in today's society, people are way too comfortable and are basically spoiled brats. People believe in a false religion in Brave New World, which is pioneer of mass production, Henry Ford. In Brave New World, the beliefs of freedom, danger, and goodness have been taken away from the people as they were "created", not born. In essence, the lives of the people in Brave New World mean nothing. One dies, several more replace him/her. 

3. Because they believe he is the pioneer of mass production. Mass production of everything is what the society of Brave New World is all about. 

4. Because the author wanted to classify anybody who thinks differently as savages that should never be listened to at all. 

5. The two positive aspects of the society of Brave New World are these: First, it's extremely controlled and totally automated. Everything is handed to you on a silver platter, you can be as lazy as you want to be. Second, everything is mass-produced, meaning that it is either free or easily affordable to practically anyone. 

7. The only thing that could be considered illogical to this society is that humans are "created" instead of born. Everything else in Brave New World seems to have at least one relation with something in our World today. 

8. I'm not religious, but Ford replaces God in Brave New World. According to them, Ford pioneered the 1st useful, mass-producible product, the car. 

9. I know little about Miranda, as my memory of back then is foggy at best, but the way I see it, John dislikes how automated the society in Brave New World, it lacks action, pretty much like our world today. 

10. In a scientific world, I really doubt human relationships are considered at all. At best, to most scientists, humans are just things to experiment on.