Charlotte's Web

by E. B. White

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What are the names of the characters in the book Charlotte's Web?

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Of course, there is Charlotte A. Cavatica, the literate grey spider and the title character of the book. We also have Wilbur the pig and protagonist. Fern Arable is a young girl who adopts Wilber and is the central human character in the story. John Arable is a farmer, Fern's father, and Wilbur's first owner. The rambunctious Avery Arable is Fern's brother. Homer L. Zuckerman is Fern's uncle and owns the farm where Wilbur goes to live. He has a wife named Edith who gives Wilbur a buttermilk bath before the fair and is obsessed with freezers of all things. Lurvy is a farmer who takes care of Wilbur on the Zuckerman farm. Henry Fussy is a very minor character, but he is one of Fern's few friends that we meet in the book. Templeton is an ill-tempered food-motivated rat, who (often reluctantly) helps Charlotte and Wilbur throughout the story. Fern's mother, Mrs. Arable spends much of the book worrying about her daughter. Dr. Dorian is the Arable family physician who dispenses much wisdom throughout the story. Uncle, the large and ill-mannered pig, is Wilbur's main competitor at the fair. There are also a number of unnamed barn animals in the story, such as the sheep and the geese.

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Charlotte is the spider who weaves the webs of wonder.

Wilbur is the pig who befriends Charlotte.

Fern is Mr. Arable's daughter and Wilbur's friend.

Zuckerman is the farmer who takes care of the animals including Wilbur.  He is also Fern's Uncle.

Templeton is the barnyard rat who is looking out for himself only - and often humorously.

Avery is Fern's brother.

Henry is a boy who is Fern's age - she ends up really liking him.

Other animals in the barn include a goose, a lamb and an old sheep.

Uncle is the fat old pig next to Wilbur's stall at the fair.  He is as Charlotte puts it, "unrefined."


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