What are the names of the characters in the book Charlotte's Web?

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Charlotte is the spider who weaves the webs of wonder.

Wilbur is the pig who befriends Charlotte.

Fern is Mr. Arable's daughter and Wilbur's friend.

Zuckerman is the farmer who takes care of the animals including Wilbur.  He is also Fern's Uncle.

Templeton is the barnyard rat who is looking out for himself only - and often humorously.

Avery is Fern's brother.

Henry is a boy who is Fern's age - she ends up really liking him.

Other animals in the barn include a goose, a lamb and an old sheep.

Uncle is the fat old pig next to Wilbur's stall at the fair.  He is as Charlotte puts it, "unrefined."