What is the name of Candy's dog in "Of Mice and Men"?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Candy's dog does not have a name. This is significant for two reasons. First, he is thought of as a possession and he is not thought of as important enough to have a name. Secondly, the dog can be compared to Curley's wife, who does not have a name, either. Neither is thought of as important enough to have a an identity of their own and both are known by their "master's" name. in addition, Candy's dog and Curley's wife are thought of as bothersome nuisances. The parallel can be seen especially in the way the men treat Curley's wife. Whenever the dog is around, the men want his somewhere else because he smells. Whenever Curley's wife is around, she is told to go somewhere else. Neither gets much respect from the men.

trumpy79 | Student

He does not have a name for the same reason that Curley's Wife does not have a name - we can't be too attached to them when they die as this is not the focus of the story. If we feel anything for these characters then we would feel animosity towards the people who pull the trigger (Carlson and Lennie) but Steinbeck wanted us to pity these characters (Carlson and Lennie) so therefore did not give the two that die a name.

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brennac004 | Student

it dose not say the dog's name in the book it just calls him Candy's dog for his entireĀ appearance in the book

nandcishot123 | Student

he's doesn't have a name for two reasons one is because he is not special enough to have one and another.The other reason i have no idea sorry guys