What is the name of the boy that Anne met at her friend Eva's home in Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young Girl?

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The boy that Anne meets at her friend Eva's home is Harry Goldberg.

Harry is sixteen and "can tell all kinds of amusing stories".  He had come to Holland from Belgium alone and is living with his grandparents.  He is "nice looking", attends meetings of the Zionist Movement against his grandparents' wishes, and is interested in Anne.

Harry has a girlfriend when he first meets Anne.  Her name is Fanny, and Anne recalls her as "a very soft, dull creature".  Harry breaks off his relationship with Fanny soon after he becomes acquainted with Anne.  Although he knows that Anne is "too young to go out regularly with (him)", he realizes that in Fanny's presence, he "was just daydreaming", while Anne "acts as a stimulant to keep him awake".

Anne gets to know Harry quite well in the weeks before the family goes into hiding.  She knows he is "in love with (her)", but says she herself is "honestly not in love" with him, because she is not yet ready to have an actual "beau".  Harry comes to the house to meet Anne's family, and leaves a good impression upon them.  Anne's sister Margot calls him "a decent lad", and her mother says he is "a good looking boy, a well-behaved, nice boy".  Anne is glad that the whole family approves of Harry.

Just hours after Harry's second visit to the house, the Franks learn that the SS have sent a call-up notice for Mr. Frank.  The family goes immediately into hiding, and Anne's budding friendship with Harry comes to an abrupt end.

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