What is the name of the blue Soc car in The Outsiders?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Outsiders the Greasers are harrassed by the rival group called the Socs.  The Greasers wear their hair long and slicked back with grease.  The Socs are the more affluent kids in society.  They own cars, have money, and go off to college.  The Greasers survive in lower income families.

One of the Socs named Bob owns a blue Mustang.  Whenever, the Greasers see the Mustang they know there is going to be trouble.  None of the boys like to be caught alone when they see the car.  There are usually several of the Socs in it cruising to create problems.

He had been hunting our football to practice a few kicks when a blue Mustang had pulled up beside the lot. (33)

ik9744 | Student

The car was a blue Mustang. I'll give you some background about the car so you'll gain more knowledge about the car. 

The first time the greaser knew the car or at least Johnny did was the time he was jumped. He was jumped by a guy that came out of a 'blue Mustang' with rings on his hands. Ponyboy and the other gang members all know that Johnny [afterwards] was the one that got jumped the hardest so far. The second time they or Johnny saw that car is with Ponyboy. They ran away from their house, because Dally slapped Ponyboy. They ended up in the park walking until Johnny saw the blue Mustang. He knew it was trouble... If we go back in the story a little more, when they are at the movie theater you'll remember that Cherry's boyfriend Bob was getting drunk inside a 'blue Mustang.' Afterwards they were spotted taking the girls home, making Bob super mad... [continue the story]. When Ponyboy notice the car he didn't say anything he knew it was the Socs since the Socs were rich. When they got out of the car Johnny notice it was him, the one with the rings. Then they were jumped and Johnny killed Randy.

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