What is the name of the blacksmith's daughter? Is the blacksmith's first name Michael?

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The Peasants was written in author Władysław Stanisław Reymont’s native Polish, and the transliteration of character names has not been consistent throughout its publication history. As far as I know, there is not a Michael (Polish: Michał) among the principal characters, whose names usually take some variation of the following: Maciej (Matthew; Mattias) Boryna, who has four children: Grzegorz (Gregory), Antek (Antoni; Anthony), Józka (Yuzka; Josephine), and Magda (Magdalen). Antek is married to Hanka (Ann; Hana). Maciej is married to Jagna (Yagna; Agnes), who has affairs with Antek and Mateusz (Matthew), a craftsman. Magda is married to the blacksmith, who serves as an unnamed antagonist to the Boryna family, despite being Maciej’s son-in-law. In “Winter” we learn that blacksmith and his wife have children, but they are neither named nor central to the story.

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