What is the name for an embryonic leaf?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A Seed is the reproductive part of a plant that allows regrowth. Seeds grow inside the plant and are normally shed as part of a flowering or yearly cycle. Seeds may be eaten by animals and excreted elsewhere, caught on an animal's coat, or blown by the wind; this allows the plant to survive even if the original has been killed.

Inside a seed, there are three parts: the embryo, the nutrient supply, and the coat. The seed coat protects the inner parts. The nutrients are a base for the first growth of the plant. The embryo is the most important part of the seed; it is, in essence, an immature plant, containing all the parts of the mature plant in primitive form. The embryo contains a stem, a root, a shoot, and one or more cotyledons, or embryonic leaves.

The cotyledon is a vital part of the plant. It allows the growing plant to form more leaves as it breaks through the seed coat, and it may or may not become photosynthetic, allowing the plant to absorb and process sunlight. They are distinct from true leaves in that cotyledons are present in the seed, while true leaves grow from the shoot after germination. All leaf-bearing seeds contain at least one cotyledon, and those plants are classified by the number of cotyledons in the seed before germination.

senioreeto | Student

embryonic leaf of a seed is called cotyledon.

zerokloppy | Student