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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The name of the substance with chemical formula `Ag_3 P` is silver phosphide. This is a chemical made up of three atoms of silver and one atom of phosphorus. The molar mass of silver phosphide is 354.58 per mole.

It is a compound widely used as a semiconductor to make high end integrated circuits that are used in high frequency, high power applications. It is also used in the production of laser diodes.

udonbutterfly | Student

First thing you have to do when you go into name a compound would be whether to two elements are both non metals, one metal and one non metal, and if a transition metal is used.

In this case Ag is silver, a transition metal, and P is a nonmetal. Since there is a transition metal we are going to use roman numeral system to indicate the charge.

So Ag has a charge of+1 where as P has a charge of -3. So we could name this compound Silver (I) Phosphide

atyourservice | Student

Ag3P is known as silver phosphide it is a light sensitive, yellow, water insoluble chemical compound. It is odorless and has a molar mass of 355. It is highly conductive.

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