Island of the Blue Dolphins Questions and Answers
by Scott O'Dell

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What is the name of the additional cave in Scott O'Dell's novel The Island of the Dolphin?

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Many different caves are mentioned in Scott O'Dell's novel The Island of the Dolphins. In Chapter 20, the protagonist Karana names one of these caves Black Cave.

She had been fixing black cormorants to eat when she saw a sea hawk fly out of rocks indicating a cave. She and her tamed wild dog Rontu went to explore it. Inside, she discovers a skeleton, situated as though it had been playing a flute made of pelican bone when the person died. While exploring the cave and noticing the skeleton, the tide rose, closing up the cave's entrance, leaving a hole too small for them to leave through. So, she and Rontu are forced to stay the night in the cave. All through the night, being so near her deceased ancestor, Karana feels terrified of death.

When she and Rontu finally make it out of the cave, she says to Rontu, "We will call it Black Cave and never in all our days go there again."

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