What is the name of the deity in Huxley's Brave New World?

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timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You may want to view Science as the God in BNW, at least science as applied to the manufacturing process.  It is personified in Henry Ford who revolutionized the manufacturing process of things as the scientists in BNW have revolutionized the creation of "beings" and the products (such as soma) that make their life what it is.  It is interesting to note that the trip through the hatchery in some way mirrors the assembly line that Ford made famous.

The scene that makes this clearest occurs in Chapter 5.  Their solidarity service is clearly modeled after the Catholic Mass.  There are 12 people there (12 Apostles).  Soma tablets (their Eucharist) are placed on the table (altar), and they have a cup of "strawberry" (wine/blood colored) soma ice cream.  They pass the cup around (the Last Supper) and sing a Solidarity Hymn just as is done in Church.  All of this begins when the President (priest/presider) opens the cermony with the sign of the "T" (Ford) instead of the sign of the cross.

So you can select Ford (since they mark their time by him as our society does with the birth of Christ) or Science (the science of society).   Brave and Stranger New World.

danylyshen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

there is no deity in Mustapha Mond's Brave New World only the historic Henry Ford. Henry Ford was the creator of the Model-T automobile and the creator of the assembly line process. The inhabitants of BNW deify Ford by referring to the passing of time as B.F. (before Ford) and A.F. (After Ford). This is similar to our own use of B.C. (Before  Christ) and A.D. (after Death). For example in chapter one:

The date, A.F. 632, is not clarified yet, but the emphasis on the assembly-line production of people gives a clue to the meaning of the F. The practice of assembly-line production in factories was only about 15 years old when this novel was written, but today’s reader is so accustomed to assembly-line production that this point goes almost unrecalled. At the time of original publication, the assembly-line production of human beings was probably much more difficult a prospect to comprehend.

The deity, then, in BNW is Ford and they worship production, effeciency, and material consumption for the stability of society. They also make the sign of the "T"--another subversion of traditional Christianity. Hope this helps..

cristy-09 | Student

hey well thanks for anwsering my question and well i dont even know what a deity is my teacher asked this question ok n im not comparing God with nothing k n well thanks for ur help=]