What does Nadia say about the turtles in chapter two?

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Under Grandpa Izzy's encouragement, Nadia writes a school science report on Florida turtles. Grandpa Izzy lives in Florida and Nadia often comes by to visit as her father lives in a condo nearby. As Nadia tells us, there are five different species of turtle that migrate off the coast of Florida: loggerheads, greens, leatherbacks, hawksbill, and Kemp's ridley. Loggerheads are a threatened species; not quite endangered, but they're still protected by law. Anyone caught disturbing their nests can be fined $50,000 or even sent to prison for a year.

Grandpa Izzy is very helpful to Nadia in completing her project. They study together and go on turtle walks with Izzy's second wife, Margaret. It's no surprise when Nadia gets an A grade for her report, with its attention-grabbing introduction:

"Do you think it is harder to name Mr. Walter Disney's Seven Dwarfs or to name all five of the species of turtles that migrate off the coast of Florida?"

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