What mystery does the myth of Pandora box explain? Why may this story have such an effect upon Sal in Walk Two Moons?

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Walk Two Moons addresses the myth of Pandora as the students’ school assignment (chapter 27). Phoebe gives a presentation that challenges the earlier findings of another student, Ben. Pandora’s curiosity got the better of her, and she could not resist delving into matters that had been deemed off-limits—in that case, literally opening a container. Rather than emphasize the negative aspects of Pandora’s curiosity and disobedience, Phoebe stresses the positive aspect that, along with the evils that flew out, Pandora also released hope. Sal is encouraged to reconsider her own situation in several ways. She mentally inverts the situation, imagining a box full of positive things that are hindered by one negative one: worry. This not only makes her think differently about Mrs. Winterbottom’s disappearance and Phoebe’s attitude toward it, but also makes her understand what might have motivated her own mother to leave.

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