What is my mother's mother's sister's daughter to me? She is my mother's first cousin but does that make her my second cousin?  An aunt?  I'm so confused!

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Your mother’s mother’s sister is your mother’s aunt and your great aunt.  That woman’s daughter is your mother’s first cousin.  Since you are your mother’s child, you and her first cousin are first cousins once removed.  You might feel like she is more of your aunt as you are of different generations, but the technical term is that you are first cousins once removed.

While it does seem wrong to call this person your cousin, the phrase “once removed” changes things.  People who are anything “once removed” from one another are in a different generation.  People who are “twice removed” are two generations apart.  Since you and your mother’s cousin are one generation apart, you are first cousins once removed.

Since you mentioned second cousins, if the woman you are asking about (your first cousin once removed) has children, they would be your second cousins.  Please follow the link below for further information.


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