what is my fault in birth. as family does not like arts so never supports me.lover of art, not getting any favour.no scholor shipfor me.why?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This sounds like a predicament that goes far beyond than what can be offered here.  There are several issues that are converging here.  The idea of "bad fate" might not be as fully present in this situation if there is a differing or clashing of values between you and your family.  If they are not supportive of your decision to pursue art, it might not be as much as "bad fate" as much as it is one of different taste.  It is really important to understand that the condition of being fated is one where there is no escape.  "Bad fate" is a condition that follows individuals and I don't think this is one of those situations, as much as it is a difference between your family and you.  Additionally, I don't see this as a fault of birth, another condition that cannot be changed.  This is the result of you believing in one notion of the good and your family another.  Open dialogue and a sense of working through this difference in opinion might be one way to approach this problem.  As for the lack of scholarship, I would think that this is something between you and the institution in general, and might be dependent on the artistic talent you display.  I don't see this situation as a fault of birth or of fate.  I simply see it as a situation where your beliefs are being tested.  I think being able to speak with members of your family in an open and honest way might be an approach.  I would also caution you about taking advice on such a sensitive manner through this forum.  I see this as highly personal, whereas this forum is highly academic and cerebral.  In the end, you might want to consult with people who are closer to you, and know the situation.  They might be able to offer you the best of advice, as opposed to what we offer which is severely limited, very uncertain, and cannot give what it is you need.

clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I can make sense of your question - you are wondering why you have not received an art scholarship?  Are you looking to transfer to a 4 year college?

Don't be completely discouraged.  Scholarships to American colleges based on talent (ie: sports, theater, dance, art) are very very difficult to come by.  You must be the very best of the best.  That said, there are some alternatives if at first you don't succeed.  As always, my first piece of advice is to focus on your grades.  Sad but true.  We constantly tell high school students that extra-curricular activities and community involvement boost your college resume, but the real truth is that if you are a straight A student, it doesn't really matter.  Colleges really love straight-A students.  I'm not sure why we act like this isn't the truth.  Perhaps it is to give hope to the many smart and talented students who do not have straight-A's.  This doesn't mean that anything less cannot go to college, but scholarships are reserved for the best.

Another option is to get accepted to college without the scholarship, then work on applying for any that are available once you are there.  Build relationships with your professors.  Ask them for advice and recommendations.  Perhaps seek a work-study job that could turn into an internship.

You might also consider a major that results in a job with loan-forgiveness.  Some options (at least in NC, perhaps in your state as well) include teaching, social services, or legal work.

Again, I encourage you to meet with someone at your college once you've been accepted to talk about options of financial aid.  There are other options outside of immediate talent-based scholarships.  Good luck.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think this is just a matter of taste like one of the previous posts stated. If your family is not artistic then it doesn't mean you can't be. People have different likes and dislikes all of the time. If art makes you happy then that is what is important.

If I am understanding you correctly you are saying that you cannot get an art scholarship. I am assuming that if your family is not supportive of your dreams then you believe a scholarship is the only way you can pursue this dream because they will not financially support you. If I were you I would check into other forms of financial aide. There are many options and you really need to speak to a school counselor and find out what your options are.

sentsmithsentsmith | Student

I think that there is no fault in your birth if you are interested in art. on the contrary, it is your fortune to be blessed with great talent in art. Nowadays, people always live with great pressure, they need some artists creat more wonderful works such as music, dance, painting, sculpture and so on. our life can't go on smoothly without life, without these people who endowed with great talent of art tastes, other parts of this world like economic field can't develop very well. because art field is close related to any other part of our life, we can't live without bread and money , at the same time, we do not want to live without music, and beauty.

you can keep your interests in art, and try every means to develop your testes which is quite impotant to specialize your major .if you can be a expert in this field you loved , you can eventually earn your parents' respect towards your interests in art. i hope you can get your own success in art, i support you .your friend sentsmithsentsmith