What must we as people give up to facilitate public order?

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We must give up some of our individual freedoms to facilitate public order. A good example of this is air travel. When we enter an airport, we know that we have to stand patiently in a line and submit to being searched for weapons so that we can feel reasonably secure that we will board a plane that will not be hijacked by terrorists. We then understand that we will be packed in with our carry-on luggage like sardines on a plane where we all have about four square inches of spare wiggle room. Most people who fly are able to give up ordinary individual freedoms—such as of movement—to accommodate this system. We all know that we have to work together as a collective to achieve the common goal of getting to our destination as quickly as possible in one piece. The days of loudmouths making obnoxious demands are long over. Most of us simply bury our individual desires, get along with each, and life goes on. The change in people's behavior on planes in the US gives me hope for this...

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