What must we, as individuals, sacrifice to facilitate public order? Do we ever give up too much in the interest of public record? If so, when?

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Public order, rather than a necessity for public "good," is a necessity for the continuation of nation-states and status-quo control over groups of people. Individuals are encouraged to self-police and police others in order to maintain public order, which is necessary to police populations because there are more civilians than there are state agents. Thus, police not only rely on the power of their own enforcement to maintain order, but also rely heavily on self- and community-based policing in which those deemed to be trouble makers are ostracized or turned in to state agents.

The state relies on a system of distrust amongst people in which police and state officials encourage suspicion, particularly between different groups of people. For instance, "see something, say something" campaigns encourage a culture of suspicion and fear, and it facilitates state power by demanding that folks turn each other in and assume that, rather than talking to each other if a conflict or situation...

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