What must occur before the pollination of an angiosperm can happen?

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A flower is the reproductive organ of an angiosperm. The anatomy of a flower contains both male and female parts. Pollen is the male reproductive cell of a flower. Pollen is contained in the anther of a flower. An anther is located on top a stalk called a filament. In order to fertilization of the plant to occur, pollen must be transferred from the anther to the female part of a flower called the stigma. This transferring of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a plant is called pollination.

Before pollution can occur, pollen needs to be made. The pollen grains of an angiosperm are produced within the pollen sacs of an anther. Each sac contains a special chamber in which microspore mother cells are located. These microspore mother cells undergo meiosis. As a result, four haploid microspores are formed. It is from these microspores that pollen grains develop after subsequent mitotic divisions. There is a generative cell that is located in each pollen grain. It is this generative cell that will divide into sperm cells.  


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