What must Harry catch when he plays Quidditch?  Is about The chapter 10 .

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this is that Harry must catch a little ball called the "Golden Snitch."

The Snitch is a little ball that has wings on it and it flies around randomly.  Harry plays a position called "Seeker" and his job is to fly around looking for the Snitch and trying to catch it once he sees it.  He must try to do that before the opposing Seeker does.

When one Seeker catches the Snitch, the Quidditch match is over.  The Seeker who catches it gets 150 points for his or her team, which means that whoever catches the Snitch usually wins.

Wiggin42 | Student

Quidditch is a wizard sport where people fly on brooms and try to score points. Chasers throw the quaffle through three large hoops to score points. Keepers are like soccer goalies and guard the hoops. Beaters keep the bludgers away from their team and redirect them to attack the other team. The game ends when the Seeker catches the Golden Snitch--a small incredibly fast flying ball. As seeker, Harry must catch the Snitch. 

findingnemo | Student

The golden snitch, a small ball with wings, which flies really fast and is really difficult to catch. The team that catches it is awarded 150 points, due to which they often win the game of quidditch. The person who chases after a snitch is called the seeker.

Once a team catches the snitch, the match is over. :)

cheezea | Student

he has to catch the Golden Snitch since he's the Seeker. Catching it ends the game and the team scores 150 points :)

corandan | Student

the golden snitch

hermionegranger | Student

omg. its one of my favorite books. he has to catch a Snitch, i think. catching it ends the game. HArry potter rules!

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