What Must Happen To Ensure Successful Cell Division

How do cells ensure successful division?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cell division is the process by which cellular organisms reproduce, splitting themselves in half to create two new cells. Most cell division is Mitosis, where the cells are perfect genetic copies, effectively cloning themselves. The most important condition for a successful division is replication of the DNA. Each daughter cell must have the identical DNA and related structures as the parent cell; without this genetic information, the cell cannot understand how to continue its biological processes and so it will die. The replication of the DNA and the division process itself (the cell fissures along a central point, creating two separate cells with DNA inside) are the absolute minimum conditions needed for successful cell replication. This will result in smaller cells that need to work harder in order to become fully functional, so most cellular division includes the replication of organelles and an increase in mass, which consists mostly of cytoplasm. This gives the two daughter cells a larger volume after their "birth," which allows them to get right to their general biological function instead of spending valuable time and resources constructing new organelles and cytoplasm.

naldskee27 | Student

 Before we elaborate cell division let's first define what cell is. So cell is the basic unit of life. A group of cell usually formed tissues, a group of tissues usually formed an organ, and a group of organs will form a system in a body to complete a Human Body. So usually Cell division is a process wherein a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells.In addition cell division is usually a tiny or small  segment of a huge or larger cell process which called cell cycle.  This kind of a division in a cell called  eukaryotes or also known as mitosis, and leaves the  cell (daughter in nature) capable of dividing again. Meanwhile, the corresponding group of cell division in prokaryotes  or otherwise known as a process called binary fission.

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