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What can be done to address the health and social needs of the aging population?  

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The aging population has many health and social needs.  In order to address the health needs of the aging population, their caregivers must receive support.  Caregivers can be family members or home health services.  Caregivers who are family members may experience their own stress and social needs associated with caring for members of the aging population.  

Encouraging physical activity among the aging also is beneficial.  Older adults who exercise regularly can reduce their risks of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.  Moreover, engaging in regular exercise will allow them to have a better sense of self.

Having a good sense of self also addresses the aging population's social needs.  Other methods that can be used include engaging individuals in their community.  Some older adults begin to feel underutilized as they age.  By providing them leadership roles or volunteer opportunities, they can feel that they are continuing to contribute to their communities. 

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