What were Mussolini's political achievements?

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The most significant political achievements of Benito Mussolini include his successful creation of the Fascist Party in Italy and his rise to dictator.

Benito Mussolini, the eldest of three children, grew up in a socialist family, with his father instilling in him socialist ideologies from a tender age. Mussolini grew to become an ardent supporter of socialism both at home and abroad. However, he received sharp criticism from fellow socialists in Italy after he started to support Italy’s involvement in World War I; the Socialist Party advocated remaining neutral. He was eventually expelled from the party. He then joined the Italian Army, but he was injured on the battlefield and discharged.

On his return, Mussolini managed to convince other right-wing entities to unify to form the Fascist Party. His role as organizer of the Fascist Party gave him a strong voice within its political ranks. Additionally, the party’s support for nationalism and opposition to class conflict endeared him to the public. Using the Fascist Party, Mussolini managed to destabilize the country politically, forcing his appointment as prime minister. He used the position to consolidate power and assume the position of dictator of Italy.

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Benito rose to power under very unlikely circumstances.  He was able to take advantage of the political and economic instability that existed in Italy. Originally a teacher and journalist, Mussolini was able to mobilize enough support for his fascist program to become the complete dictator of Italy in 1925. He mobilized 30,000 of his supporters to march to Rome in 1922 to demand that he be installed as prime minister.  He violently oppressed any political opposition along the way.  By October, the king had installed a new government because Mussolini promised to restore order in Italy.  Mussolini was able to gain political support from key elements in the Italian population.  Because of his ability to solve the problem of unemployment, he was supported by industrialists and laborers alike.  He forged a strong alliance with the church as well.  Mussolini also garnered political support from the military as he supported Italian intervention in World War I and guaranteed future military glory to Italy. The corporate state that Mussolini created restored peace and stability for ten years in Italy.  

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