What were some Muslim achievements made in architecture?

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Muslim architecture has focused on the mosque, with different designs but some similar features. Palaces and shrines in the Muslim world are also architectural achievements.

The Taj Mahal in India was derived from designs of the Mogul architecture. This form of architecture originated from a combination of the indigenous designs and the Turko-Mongolian imperial dynasty traditions. Specific aspects of such designs include vaulted pavilions (chattris), gates with interior vaulting (iwan) and enclosed gardens.

The Abbasid Empire focused on marble structures coupled with intense ornamentation. The imperial palaces of Khuld featured golden gates and gem studded golden trees.

In Moorish Spain, structures of impeccable design include the Alhambra and the mosque of Cordova turned into a cathedral. The structure featured horse-shoe arches, a dome, a quadrangular tower serving as the minaret and a dome. Decorations were done using Byzantine glass mosaic and marble pieces. The system of vaulting intersecting arches to reduce roofing requirements was noted as a valuable addition to architectural advancement.

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