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cawells1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Music is a form of art used to play various roles in people’s lives. Music may be used for the purposes of communicating, entertainment, educational learning and ceremonials.

The purposes of music are as follows:

  1. Children’s songs for learning such as the alphabet and rhyming.
  2. Used to relay a personal story or ballad of happiness or sorrow.
  3. Purposes of entertainment played for an audience at concerts and various other live performances.
  4. Entertainers will play without an audience for personal enjoyment.
  5. Played as a therapeutic remedy to soothe the soul and release frustration.
  6. Religious purposes to set up the devotional atmosphere for congregational members during a church service.
  7. Played to go with dance movements.
  8. Music is very effective in creating commercial jingles for marketing campaigns to aid in selling products
  9. TV shows, commercials, and movies all use music to enhance viewer experience and engagement.