Wandering Willie's Tale by Sir Walter Scott

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What is the multilayered message Scott is trying to convey with this narrative and how? The story can be read in its entirety here: http://www.bartleby.com/195/6.html

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If you analyze the central message of "Wandering Willie's Tale" you can definitely extrapolate the sub-theme of "nostalgia" from within the constantly present theme of the old versus the new world, and how values change from generation to generation. Yet, the multilayered message is that money is the source of all evil. 

The narrative of the story is told by Wandering Willie, who is the town's whimsical storyteller that has seen and known everything and everyone. He is the link between the world of Sir Robert Redgauntlet and the world of Sir John. The later's was a world of religious persecution, chivalrous loyalty (Steenie was the loyal bagpiper and tenant of Sir Robert), and endless friendships. He is also the link between the natural and the supernatural world (through his story), as he tells of how Steenie purportedly had an encounter with...

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