What are Ms.Love's specific characteristics and/or actions that contribute to changes in Cold Sassy?

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Miss Love is a an adventuresome soul who is not afraid to speak up, but when the town's  shun her with disapproval even though she is hurt she puts on a brave face.She might cry at home, but she smiles in public. When Miss Love begins to admit to being bothered by town attitudes, she finds life happier for the confession.

After she and Rucker begin to fall in love she follows this path of honesty and tells him of the abuse in her past. His acceptance makes her accept herself as lovable, and so when she finds herself pregnant and a widow, she is detemined to stay knowing the positive example she has displayed for the town. And even if they don't accept her she knows the town will accept her child.


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