What does Mrs. Whatsit change into in A Wrinkle in Time?

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Mrs. Whatsit, like Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which, is a guardian angel of the children. These three supernatural beings were once stars. They destroyed themselves as stars in an attempt to eradicate the Black Thing (evil) from the universe. They are now wholly good spirits, who can take on different forms.

Mrs. Whatsit initially appears to the Murrys on Earth as a friendly old lady wrapped up in a multitude of scarves. Later, on the planet Uriel, Mrs. Whatsit turns into a beautiful flying horselike creature with rainbow-colored wings. She adopts this form so that the children can sit on her back and fly with her beyond the planet's atmosphere. This way, they can have a better view of the Black Thing, which they will be required to fight on Camazotz in order to save Mr. Murry.

Mrs. Whatsit turns into a Centaur-like creature more beautiful than Meg has ever seen. 

Mrs. Which tells Mrs. Whatsit to "Sshoww themm," and Mrs. Whatsit asks if she should...

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