What is Mrs.Granger's reaction to the picture incident in Frindle?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs. Granger was furious about the picture incident.  The next day, she announced to each of her classes that

anyone who is heard using the word frindle instead of the word pen will stay after school and write this sentence one hundred times:  I am writing this punishment with a pen.

The picture incident was actually pretty disruptive.  When the photographer said, "Say cheeeese!", every kid in Nick's class said, "Frindle!" instead, and held up a pen for the camera to see.  The photographer had used the last of his film on this group picture, so it could not be taken again.  The teachers were angry, and Mrs. Granger in particular was irate.

By announcing a clear punishment, Mrs. Granger was hoping to stop the nonsense about the word "frindle," but her reaction, as well as the commotion raised when word of what the kids had done spread, only served to make the problem even bigger.  The students at the school "liked Nick's new word.  A lot."  All the hubbub it was causing only made everyone want to use the word even more, because "it was just fun."  Staying after school to take Mrs. Granger's punishment became "a badge of honor"; there were kids writing the one hundred sentences every day after school; lots of them.  After the picture incident, the problem received more attention and only got bigger, despite Mrs. Granger's attempts to stop it (Chapter 8).