Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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What are Mrs Granger's nicknames? 

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Frindle is an American children's novel written by Andrew Clements. The story centers on a 5th-grader named Nick who invents a word—"frindle"—that winds up causing quite a stir in his school and, ultimately, beyond.

Nick has a rather tough, white-haired old English teacher named Mrs. Granger who makes no attempt to hide her love of words. While Nick is trying to get everyone to use his new word, however, Mrs. Granger is trying to stop it. Nick and the kids mention two nicknames for Mrs. Granger in the book.

The first one, initially appearing on page 16, is "The Lone Granger." This makes reference to a couple of facts about her: one, that she lives by herself, and the other being that she is fierce and intimidating like The Lone Ranger.

The second nickname, spoken by the Dave character on page 47, is "Dangerous Grangerous," referring to her propensity to punish the boys for getting out of line, from putting them in detention to making them wear their chewing gum.

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Dorothea Tolbert eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Mrs. Granger is called by several different nicknames throughout the book.  Usually these names have a negative connotation.  Mrs. Granger is different from all the other teachers.  She does things her own way.  Usually, she is old fashioned.  She is known for being a very strict teacher.

Nick calls Mrs. Granger "The Lone Granger."  This is in reference to The Lone Ranger, a Texas Ranger who works alone.  Mrs. Granger is unlike any other teacher at the school.  In a way, she does work alone.  The rumors are that you shouldn't "mess around with The Lone Granger" (Frindle, chapter 3).

Mrs. Granger is also called Mrs. G by Nick.  Dave, another student at the school, calls her "Dangerous Grangerous."  This is in reference to the fact that Mrs. Granger is strict.  She gets upset when students do not follow her rules.  At first, she is upset when the students in her class start to call pens "frindles."  She forbids students from using the new word.

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