What does Mr Ewell say about Tom Robinson's death in To Kill a Mockingbird?  

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Bob Ewell says that Tom Robinson’s death is the first of many he would like to see. 

Bob Ewell hates Tom Robinson for ruining his reputation.  Even though he ruined Tom Robinson’s life by accusing him of raping his daughter Mayella, Ewell feels that he is the injured party.  Atticus made a fool of him at the trial, proving that no rape occurred and that Ewell was abusing his daughter.  Ewell wanted revenge on Robinson and Atticus. 

Bob Ewell spit in Atticus’s face and threatened him.  Atticus did not respond to this.  He did not feel that Ewell was a threat.  He thought he was all talk.  Miss Stephanie Crawford repeated Bob Ewell’s reaction to Tom Robinson’s death to Scout and Jem. 

Mr. Ewell said it made one down and about two more to go. Jem told me not to be afraid, Mr. Ewell was more hot gas than anything. Jem also told me that if I breathed a word to Atticus, if in any way I let Atticus know I knew, Jem would personally never speak to me again. (Ch. 25) 

Jem clearly does not want Atticus to worry.  Yet Jem and Scout are concerned that Bob Ewell may actually be dangerous.

Tom Robinson committed “suicide by cop” by trying to escape from prison.  He tried to climb over the fence, and was shot by the prison guards.  Atticus was devastated, because he had tried to convince Robinson that even though he was convicted in Maycomb he had a chance on appeal.  Robinson was not interested in taking his chances with the legal system again. 

“If he loses his appeal,” I asked one evening, “what’ll happen to him?”
“He’ll go to the chair,” said Atticus, “unless the Governor commutes his sentence.
Not time to worry yet, Scout. We’ve got a good chance.” (Ch. 23)

Bob Ewell clearly feels that he wants revenge on more people, but who is he talking about?  Judging by his next move, it seems that the “two more” were Scout and Jem Finch. Apparently Ewell did not feel that he could take on Atticus, so he went after his children.  Atticus was right—Bob Ewell was a coward.  Fortunately for them, Boo Radley rescued them and killed Ewell.

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