What happens as a result of Mr. Billings not accepting the consequences of his actions?

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Mr. Billings' philosophy is "It's the world we live in...I'm no worse than anyone else...don't blame me" (Chapters 10 and 20). Living by that code, he is a ruthless, soulless manipulator who masterminds the murders of many while keeping his own hands clean. In quest of wealth, he arranges the death of the elder Mr. Fields, makes Jack Fields a murderer, and even plots the demise of the father of the girl he loves, all without a second thought. Mr. Billings simply disappears at the end of the book. I think it can be concluded that he will go on to repeat his evil machinations in other places, but that ultimately he will be completely alone in his cold-bloodedness on this earth, and "sentence(d)...to burn in Hell" after death (Chapter 19).
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