In what movie or book does a person say their friend or another person "turns out alright" even though they die or are killed? For example, Nick thinks Gatsby turned out alright even though he died.

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I'm not certain there are stories with that exact phrasing, but there are plenty of stories with a similar sentiment. Nick is referring to Gatsby's moral character, not his physical state of being. In the end, despite all the temptations of East and West Egg and his dealings in criminal activities, Gatsby is able to remain essentially good at his core. He only pursues the life of excess and superficiality because of his love for Daisy. He is not taken in by the vapid culture as Daisy and Tom are. This is what Nick means when he says that Gatsby turned out alright. He even mentions that it is the people around Gatsby who are toxic.

A famous example that gets a bit silly would be Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies. He originally joins the the dark side because of his love for his wife. Eventually, this leads him to actually get caught up in bad things. Unlike Gatsby, he spends a great deal of time actually serving the dark side, but eventually he turns out alright, despite dying. Even as he dies he mentions that his son has saved him. It is in this same moral sense that Gatsby also turns out alright.

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