Which characters have an actual motive for killing Sam Westing in the book The Westing Game?I know that Sam Westing dies of natural causes but if he were murdered what would the motives be?

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Several characters have personal connections to Sam Westing and many of them are not positive experiences.  Each of the following characters have potential motives for killing Sam Westing:

  • James Hoo: Westing stole and tried to sell his idea for paper innersoles for shoes.
  • Erica Berthe Crow: is Sam Westing's ex-wife.  She could have any number of personal reasons from the marriage to kill her ex-husband and claim his inheritance.
  • Grace Wexler: a distant neice of Westing, she might have killed him because of her family connection to the inheritance.
  • Mr. Theodorakis: he was the childhood sweetheart of Westing's daughter.  The affair was broken up by the girls mother.  A distant motive might be tied to some sort of payback for a broken heart.
  • Sandy McSouthers: Worked in the Westing Paper Plant for two decades and was fired by Westing personally, and given no pension.

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