What are the motivations/reasons for colonialism?

clarix2011 | Student

Economic -This included the desire to make money, expand and control foreign trade, to create new markets for products, to acquire raw materials and cheap labor…

Political- These were based on a nation’s desire to gain power, to compete with other European countries, to expand territory, to exercise military force and to gain prestige…

Ideological- These were based on the cultural values such as the belief that the white race was superior, other cultures were “primitive,” Europeans should “civilize” peoples in other parts of the world…

Exploratory- There were based on the desire to explore “unknown” or uncharted territory, to conduct scientific research, to do on anadventure and to investigate “unknown lands and cultures”

Religious- This included the desire to spread Christianity, to spread European moral beliefs and values, to educate peoples of other cultures…

kathleennichols | Student

Colonialism is the practice of acquiring the control of another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically according to Webster's dictionary  

Many people seek colonization to get away from oppression whether it is religious, economic, or racial.  

So, you can say that the desire to avoid racism and prejudice, need for economic change, and wanting freedom of religion are major reasons for colonization. 

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