What are the motivations for each sister's initial involvement in the fourteenth of June movement? Why did Dede not become involved?

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sagetrieb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Minerva is the intellectual, and comes to her political convictions through a feminist awareness of the effects of patriarchy on women as well as her country-- more specifically, through her encounter with Trujillo. Patria, who is deeply religions becomes political by means of her spiritual faith and devotion to others.  After she witnesses a boy shot by Trujillo’s men, she joins the revolution to end such violence.  Mate becomes involved because her boyfriend, who later becomes her husband is involved:  he teaches about the tyranny of Trujillo, and she soon becomes political on her own.  Dede did not become as actively involved as her sisters because her husband threatened to leave her if she did.  However, she ends up speaking the story of the Mirabal sisters, preserving their history and spirit.

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