What are the motivations for fighting for Britain?

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Historically, the war happened amidst a century of Anglo-French hostilities on the European continent. Very simply stated the war was a result over territory and the attempts to influence the territories these countries held. England held the colonies along the East coast, while France had control over a large central portion of the country ( up to what today is Texas). The war was primarily fought on the border of the British colonies, but as it waged on and after some initial losses, Britain gained the upper hand. The war took place in a century of imperialist expansion and it became clear that the loser would have to cede territory to the winner. This is precisely what happened, but both countries ended up trading and ceding land in what can be considered a swapping or sorts. In the end, Britain also had to demonstrate a strong hand over the colonies on the East Coast while attempting to expand its territory further.

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